Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pretty Bell

Tonight we were watching Nim's Island with K and T. Bell and Hudsy were sleeping. Bell woke up, had a few cookies, watched the movie and then Chad took her back to bed. I commented on how I was impressed that she had stayed in bed. About half an hour went by before I saw her run from our room to her room with a pink pillow (or so I thought). I mentioned how she must have been laying in our bed and wanted to go to her bed to sleep. Then I saw her again, running back to our room with her pillow, but then I realized that was not one of the decorative pillows from the girls beds but my makeup case. I ran up to check out what in the world was going on. I walked in her room and she said "I pretty mama, I pretty makeup". I brought her down to inspect her and grabbed my makeup case. She had nearly every cap off of every item in there. She took big chunks out of my (favorite) lip stick, she put foundation in my moisturizer and did a little other damage but she sure looked cute!!! She was so proud of herself. She has watched me every single time I put on my make up for at least a year. She always says "I want to paint too"! I actually keep old makeup in my case so she can "paint" herself as well. I couldn't be mad because I know how much she loves it and she does have her own makeup in there too. I was actually impressed that she was able to get all the lids and caps off and knew how to put the foundation on. I thought I would post pics of her so you can all see her foundation, I have yet to discover where she put all that lipstick....maybe I should recheck my sheets before I get into bed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Grocery Day

So it's grocery day again. It comes every other Friday. I usually make a list around Wednesday of every dinner I am going to make then add things for two weeks worth of lunch a few bags of malt o meal cereal and lots of eggs. I add my paper products and cleaning products plus any hygiene products and then spend the next day or two adding anything I forgot. So I got this great plan, what if I make a master grocery list...hmmmm. So I started Wednesday. I made a giant spreadsheet with two columns, one for my item and one for the amount of that item that I need. I put any and everything I buy on a regular basis on the list. I left one page for things that I need to buy weekly that I don't buy normally, like things to try out a new recipe. I hope this helps cut down time on my grocery planning because it takes a few hours to get plan meals for two weeks and get everything I need without having to go back to the store 100 times. I am going to try Aldi today, I hear their prices are much cheaper than my regular Wal-Mart then Kroger, then Sam's Club and the Meat Market. I'm sure I will still have to go all over the place but hopefully I will save some money doing it today!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Belated Birthday Pics!

Hudsyn opening her presents Hudsyns cake Hudsyn eating her cake
Kait opening a furry scarf form her Nana with a pin that she liked out of Nana's collection
Kiat opening her caboodle Kait & friends doing each others make up
Kait getting HSM3 tickets
Hudsyn's first birthday was 9-28. We had a little party for her. She did pretty well. She liked opening her presents so much that she wanted to open Kaits on her birthday too! After sampling her cake she dove her face in. The pictures from her party barely turned out so I posted the one that is clear. Some how the setting on my camera got messed up but my Dad took lots of pics too so we'll have plenty.
Kait's birthday was 10-11 she turned nine. I can't believe I have a nine year old. She had a few girls over from school for a HSM party! Chad and I bought her a Caboodle and filled it with make up, hair things, nail polish, Bath and Body Works lotions and soaps and shampoo and other stuff. She loved it! I have no pics of her opening it up because once she saw what was in it she knocked me to the ground hugging and screaming and such. The girls all took turns doing each others make up and I painted all their nails, including Bell's and Tristin's (he was a boy at an all girl party, and he begged). One of her friends stayed the night, they had a blast.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Jonsen

I had to go back to the doctors office today for another ultrasound and a regular appointment. Todays ultrasound was to measure Jonsen's heart because he was moving way too much last time. When I got there my ultrasound tech, that I have gotten to know quite well over the course of my pregnancies, surprisingly had some spare time. She scanned his heart and kept saying how wonderful it looked! She said he is so perfect I could just scan him all day! So then she did!!! Well not all day but for about 20-25 minutes. We had a blast! She scanned him in 3D and 4D. In one pic he is actually hugging my uterus and resting his head on it. That one is my favorite. Chad stayed home with the kids but she gave me another CD to bring home and show him. She tried to capture some good pics. I can't wait to frame them, I actually have a frame on my mantle waiting! Hope you enjoy them too!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a.........

We just got back home form our ultrasound. Everything went well, baby is healthy and very active. So active that it was hard for our tech to get good pictures. The one I posted is about the only good one she got. It is a pic of baby holding it's legs and showing it's.......boy parts!!!! We are really excited. The girls are happy, Bell keeps saying she wants to go get baby Jonsen. Tristin has wanted a boy the entire time, until this morning that is. Last week we moved Hudsyn into his room. He has always wanted a roommate. He has spent the last three years complaining that it isn't fair that he is all alone in his room. So since Hudsyn has moved into his room he has came to the realization that babies are loud and they keep you up and you have to be quiet. Because of this he decided this morning he wanted a girl. When the ultrasound lady said it's a boy he was upset. He didn't want to share a room so he didn't want a boy. He has already changed his mind and is happy to have a brother. We are all excited and can't wait until he can come home with us and we can love on him!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Last night Chad and I were watching Extreme Home Makeover. The kids were all in bed asleep, or so we thought. Almost and hour after I put them in bed Tristin tip toed down and wanted a drink. He had been laying there so quietly that we thought he was asleep. After he drank his water he noticed Chad was eating ice cream. Chad gave it to him and said he could polish it off. After he ate it we decided he could stay up and watch the rest of the show. He sat on my lap so sweetly and snuggled with me. It made me remember a couple of years ago. After we dropped K off at school we would come home everyday and watch cartoons, eat our breakfast and snuggle. Then we would play until it was nap time. That was our morning routine every single day. I loved it. I was pregnant with Bell and I knew our time alone was short. I cherished those moments so much. Our mornings have changed, we still spend time together but it no longer alone and no longer so carefree. We do school in the morning, he can make his own breakfast, pick out his own clothes and is basically self sufficient. He no longer needs me like he did. Somehow I think he needs me more. Not for basic care but to teach him how to live life. I know that he can learn on his own. What he learns will be what he sees, if not from me then from some one else. I try to remember this as I do basic tasks throughout the day. That these are the qualities he will look for in a wife. Good or bad. It makes me strive to be more patient, to work harder and be more gentle. I don't ever have a perfect day, there are always things at the end of the day I wish I had done differently but God's grace covers that. There is no bond like a mother and her son. I am so thankful for being able to experience that. We will find out in the morning if I will experience that bond with another boy or if I get love on another girl. Our appointment has been bumped up to tomorrow. I can't wait. I will post when we find out!