Friday, August 31, 2007


I think Hudsyn may have turned sideways or transverse. We were watching T.V. the other night and Chad and I both felt her turn, her head stopped on my right side. Before we could cup her head with our hands and now what we feel is very different. So exciting! If she stays sideways they will still have to do the procedure but it should be a lot easier and less painful.
In other fun and exciting news we are going to go today and buy the rest of the stuff she needs! Which isn't much because of her and Bell being so close in age we can use all of the same stuff! This is the first time ever I didn't get rid of all the baby stuff. We bought our double stroller and carseat (I lost Bell's carseat somehow). I am getting anxious with just a little over 5 weeks left until my actual due date. Unless I can convince them to induce me or the procedure puts me into labor! I need to start packing my bags and getting everything that isn't ready in place.
K starts school on Tuesday and I am sad and excited, it's a lot of driving and time in the car but it will be nice to have her back in school getting her brain exercised. T doesn't start until the week of the 21st and he goes for two and a half hours a day four days a week. That will be nice, I haven't been without him for that long in at least six months if not a year and probably only 6-8 times in his whole life. I hope he loves it and has fun.
I am boring myself at this point so I am going to go now!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Upside Down!

The last thing I fear being pregnant is the labor. After K the other two pretty much slid out. A couple of pushes and out they came. I felt great and didn't much look like I had delivered a baby (unlike after I had K ). I have said time and time again the delivery is not the hard part. I had an OB appointment this morning and the Dr. said Hudsyn is breech. During my last appointment another Dr. (I have five) thought she may be breech but didn't say much as she still had plenty of time to flip. My Dr. today is my favorite one, he did me a favor and induced Bell. He said to reschedule my next appointment to make it with him (instead of one of the other Doc's). He tells me she still can turn upside down but if she doesn't there is a procedure they can do at the Hospital. Apparently they would give me an epidural, pull her out of my pelvis, and rotate her until she is head down. There is still the chance she can turn back head up and I would have to have a c-section. But there is an even greater chance that it will either put me into labor or break my water which will also start labor. They will wait to do this procedure until I am 37 weeks. That is only three and a half weeks away. I am praying that she flips and things stay calm. We have a lot going on in the next few weeks. I would love to have her early and be out of my misery. But we have a bit going on. I am not so nervous that I'll have her in the next few weeks but that I will have to stay in the hospital for a couple days. So now I am nervous and excited all at once. I know God has everything in his control and it will all work out as he has planned! That is our day in a nut shell! Can't wait to see what happens in the next few weeks!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


1. I never wear shoes. I wear flip flops if I have to leave the house until there is snow on the ground.When I was little my Dad duct taped my shoes on my feet. I wear shoes no more now than I did then. 2. I love to clean. Love it, I am in my own world when I clean. 3. I have a very hard time sleeping if my house is not clean. 4. I use entirely too much butter in and on everything I cook. 5. I met and married my husband all in a span of about 7 months. 6. I love my husband to pieces, he is my best friend. 7. I organize everything, then reorganize it again for fun! 8. I like to be girly but lack the time. 9. I am having a baby in less than 8 weeks. (I put that one in writing just so I could believe it, it didn't help). 10. I check my online banking about one zillion times a day. 11. I am addicted to music. 12. I love to do our finances, I also read over bills and the days I have scheduled to pay them about a zillion times a day too! 13. I love to read. 14. I hate to go to sleep. 15. I would like to be a pre-school teacher and a hair dresser when I grow up. 16. I make a dessert almost every time my desert dish is empty. 17. I am finding that I like to cook! 18. As much as I love to clean I hate to do laundry. 19. I can no longer see my feet. 20. Most importantly I am a child of God and I love to be in his presence. Enough about me what about you?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bedtime Fun!

So last night after we put the kids to bed Chad and I thought we heard T through Bell's monitor, which would be impossible if he were not in her room. Chad went to check and yelled AMBER...I thought of multiple scenarios, all that ended in disaster as I ran to her room. When I got there I found an entire crib full of almost every stuffed animal we have in our house. Add to that a few blanket and pillows. Chad spanked him for being out of bed and I put all the animals back in their containers. I laughed to myself because that child can not keep himself out of trouble. Usually after a spanking he falls right to sleep and that's the end of the night. Not last night, he pulled this routine several times each ending in a spanking. You would have thought he would have learned but no after he nap today I find him in her crib with her and all the animals. Needless to say I am looking forward to preschool starting this fall. My hope is that he will tire his brain and not be able to scheme. I don't think that will actually happen but it sure would be nice!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Tristin sleeping in his new green frog rain boots!
Bell playing in her bucket of toys in the livingroom!
T playing with a frog
I have question...why will our insurance company pay for prenatal care, then health care for that child until he finishes college but is not willing to pay $200 for sterilization? Just a question.