Thursday, February 19, 2009

He's Here!!!!!

Baby Greysen arrived on Tuesday at 4:17 pm!! He was 6 lbs. 14 oz. (after all the worry). Labor and delivery were great. I got my epidural in time that I felt very little if any of the contractions. I only had to push once and he came out. It was a great day. It couldn't have went any better. His brother and sisters are completely in love (with the exception of Hudsyn).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, my computer is still not fixed. This is primarily because I have not taken it in to get fixed. I should really do that soon. So borrowing Dad's again. I went to the doctor today for my 39 week check up. I am still dilated to 2, not much excitement there. I have an induction scheduled for next Thursday at 6:00 am. Our doctor that is our friend was hoping to induce me on Tuesday but there are no openings. So as for now they are waiting for someone on the induction list to deliver and I will be next in line to be moved up. If we don't get a sooner date as of tomorrow they said they are almost positive that come Monday morning they will be calling with one. They say someone on the induction list will deliver over the weekend for sure. If I am having regular contractions on Saturday the doctor I saw today said to come in Saturday and they will break my water. So basically I know no more than I did before I went to my appointment today. Everything will most likely change. That will give us some time to get things done before I deliver. Like putting our kitchen back together! We tore it completely apart. No floor or cabinets or anything like that. It is all in our dining room addition that is basically a subfloor and studs! What were we thinking??? We decided this was a good plan last week and on a whim ripped it apart! Seriously though it was 20 years old and had country blue ceramic tiled floor and mauve, blue and cream ceramic counter tops. All I could think about was breeding ground that that counter must have been for germs and bacteria. So apparently I decided no counter top was much better! It is going well though. I should have a new floor tomorrow or the next day and my kitchen finished soon! I will blog again when I know what our definite date is.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So I had every intention of keeping you posted a little better. My laptop broke, the part that the cord plugs into got stuck inside the computer. I called my Dad and he brought his over for me to use tonight. We have been very busy getting ready for Greysen. We finally bought his crib and put it up. It looks so sweet. I had my doctor appointment yesterday. She said I am dilated to two and ready to go. If I don't go into labor by next Friday they are going to induce me. I love being induced because you can plan so much better. The only problem this time is that baby Grey is getting too big. They are pretty sure he is over eight and a half pounds. She thinks if I go to next Friday he could be around ten pounds. Yikes!!! Our biggest baby yet was Bell and she was 7lbs. 15oz. That is a far cry from ten. My doctor swears walking will help. So today we went to the YMCA and walked over two miles, rode the stationary bike for four miles then went swimming. Nothing. Some contractions but nothing consistent. We will be going again in the morning for more fun at the Y! I was fine with keeping him in my belly until induction day but I am afraid I can't squeeze out a ten pound baby. One of the doctors at our practice is a friend of ours and he is the resident for L&D at our hospital this weekend. Hopefully this weekend will be it and he will be able to deliver this sweet (extra big) baby. Hope this all makes sense, I am to tired to read over it! I will post again as soon as I get my computer back!