Sunday, February 17, 2008


The doctor came in last night and said that things are looking grim. They took some x-rays and the tumor in her lungs has grown substancially. He said she can't go on for long breathing the way she is. He is putting her in hospice. He doesn't want to move her so hospice will come to her room. My Dad and I are supposed to meet them later today. My Dad said she was crying because she doesn't undestand why she can't come home. She has a home care person so she thinks she should be able to come home. The doctor said she is progressing to rapidly to have someone take care of her at home. He told my Dad that he wants to sedate her so she isn't so aware of the situation. She is very confused which only makes it harder. I think sedating her will be the best thing for her. I hate for her to lay thinking all sorts of awful thoughts. I leave you with these two pretty cool things she said when Chad and I were up there Friday night when she was in the ER. First she was sleeping and woke up and said It is well two times then fell back to sleep. Then she told me and chad she kept waking up to the most beautiful orange flowers. Please pray for our family for strength for whatever the days ahead hold. Thank you all for you prayers and love. update: It's 4:10, I just got home and I am going back to the hospital at 6:30. At 7:00 my Dad and I have to meet with hospice. She was pretty well sedated when I was up there. In and out a few times but mostly out. She is swelling more and more. Her wedding ring is now swollen on her finger. They are going to give her another treatment of lasiks (sp?) to bring down the swelling. I will post again when I have another update.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Please pray. Mom is not doing well. She is admitted in the hospital again, we had to call the EMS to get her. She is having trouble breathing, her heart rate was 160 and her respirations were 45-47 when they admitted her. She was very confused. She is not on any meds that would make her this way. They gave her fliuds as she was dehydrated again and she is doing better. Her heart rate decreased and she is comfortable. I will post the whole story tomorrow. Tonight I am going to bed.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Talent Show

First an update on Mom. She came home a couple of days ago and she is not having her port replaced. At least not just yet. She isn't feeling so great. She has been in bed since she got home. I am not sure where she goes from here. Her doctor put her on a new antibody. I was hoping she'd feel better than this. I am going to go over there this weekend and visit her. It's always hard to see her like that. We have been busy over here. K had spirit week last week. To end off spirit week she had a talent show followed by a Valentines party. She is off next week so party was yesterday. Chad, myself and the kids went to see the talent show. Most of the kids showed off their talent in groups. K did her with "C" her good friend. They did the cheer Cookies and Cream They were so cute C got her hair cut just past her chin so K got hers cut to her chin (I'll have to post pics of the new hair cut). K got HSM glasses so C went and got the exact same ones. They are similar in size and C's hair is just a shade darker. K's grandparents own a T shirt company. They made K and C tee shirts that said Cookies and Cream with pics of cookies. It was a lot of fun. She has such great teachers. They do so much with the kids. I have seen them do thing s that went so far beyond the call of duty I couldn't believe it. They do extra field trips have fun Friday as a reward for all the hard work during the week. They went to bat in ways that put them in the line of fire for a friend of mine whose son has special needs. They got him the help he needed. They are encouraging and loving and fun. There are five of them for 50 kids. Two lead and three assistant teachers. Yesterday for the talent show they choreographed a hip hop dance routine. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. K's teacher was a cheerleader for U of M so I am sure she made most of the dance up. It is such a blessing to have such a great school for my kids to go to. I am a little nervous about T going to kindergarten next year but I know he will be in the best school for a kid to grow and learn. I am so thankful.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Please Pray

Please pray for my Mother. When my Dad got home from work this morning she was bleeding from her port. My Dad called the doctor and he told him to take her in through the ER. He called me a few hours ago and said they were checking for another blood clot and doing some other tests. The doctor said they may admit her. I will post when he calls and let you know what is going on. Update: My Dad called and said that she is being admitted. The main reason, as I understand, is that they can't get her heart rate down. They are still doing tests to determine what is going on. I will post again when they have the results. Update on my Update: Just spoke with my Dad and she is resting. They haven't found anything alarming in her tests. I am not sure if they got all the results back yet but what they did get back seem okay. I will post again in the morning if I find out anything new! Okay it's 7:00 Tuesday night and I have another update. No news about the heart rate but her port is in the wrong place. They also put in a device to help brake up the blood clot. The blood thinners are not working. She will have to get a new port put in. She will find out when after she sees her doctor. I will let you know if I hear anything else.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Yesterday around noon my Dad called and said they were letting my Mom come home. They gave her a medicine to thin her blood Thursday. They are going to try a new antibody on her. It was so new her nurse had never heard of it. The doctor didn't say anything at discharge about hopsice so my Dad is thinking that maybe as long as he is trying treatments they will not need to use hospice quite yet. After she got out of the hospital she met us for dinner (a rare occasion for our family). I mentioned that we were going to go out and she said maybe we'll come. Sure enough they did. She did pretty well. She was very tired but she ate a whole piece of pizza minus the crust. I don't know if I've mentioned in previous blogs but she hasn't even eaten anything for a few weeks. Then she progressed to a bite or two and now a whole piece of pizza. Continue to keep her in your prayers, they are helping!!! Thank you all for the love you have shown.