Friday, June 29, 2007

Prayer for Kaitlytnne

Most of you that know K know how sensitive she is. She and I are nothing alike in this respect. I am wired in a way that is very different from most women. I like chick flicks and I even can tear up if they are good enough but generally I am not very emotional or sensitive. Kaitlynne is very tender and sweet. She is so sensitivve that if you look at her with a stern face she will cry. She has always been like this, very easy to rear and guide. Recently I decided that it was time I tell her about my Mom. She has been battling cancer since K was 4, she is almost 8 now. She has never known nor have we felt she needed to know. With my Mom losing her hair and with all that she is going through I knew it was time to tell her. So yesterday I sat her down at the kitchen table and explained it as simply as I knew how. She took it well, she chewed on her bottom lip which is something she does when she is upset. Other than that no real expression. We talked about what it meant and treatment and I answered all the questions she asked as good as I could. We went about our day and it never came up again. This morning just a few minutes after I woke up I got a phone call from her other grandma, she was picking K up at noon. She asked me if I had heard on the news of an 11 year old boy being hit by a car, I said no. She siad it was K's cousin. That horrifying shock fell over me and I didn't know what to say. Her grandparents also have a son that is 11 so the two boys were very close. She said her son was very upset and she thought I might to tell K so she would be prepared for what she was going to encounter today. I agreed that it would be best if I did. So this morning at the table I had to tell her of the tragic way this little boys life ended almost before it had begun. She chewed on her lip and teared up and it broke my heart. She obviously can't grasp the reality of this (I know I can't) but she is still hurting. There is a wedding reception in the back yard of her grandparents home tomorrow for another cousin. Please pray that the family can make it through this tough time. Pray for the cousin getting married that they can still enjoy their day. This family is battling with a lot of sickness and disease. Please lift them up in prayer as none of them are christians and can't do this for themselves. Her grandma came over to get her and sat down in the backyard and told us how badly she is hurting and how she is becoming angry with God, I understand that. When I say this family has been through a lot I mean more than most families ever go through. Lets remember them all in our prayers.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The other night our neighbor came over to visit. He is a couple years younger than me, we grew up together. We got to talking about his dog and we remembered he used to have two. I asked what happened to Reba? She passed away but before her passing she lived out the following experience. The neighbor on the corner behind them stole her and sold her to a woman a couple of houses down. They looked all over for her only to have the sister of the woman who bought her come and tell them she heard that Reba was their dog. They then got her back. I had forgotten this story but I laughed so hard hearing it again. It's one of those stories that you think you dreamed as a kid but hear years later and it's twice as funny.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Snuggle Bunny!

I love Bell. She is sweet almost all of the time. She smiles and plays nicely. She loves to snuggle and cuddle. She woke up a little before three this morning and I picked her up. She curled up and put her head on my shoulder. She was as happy as humanly possible, what could make getting in the middle of the night better? I wasn't thrilled to get up but I sat happily in the chair holding her. What a blessing to be a Mom!