Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Status on Mom

Yesterday my Mom went to see her doctor. She told him she had decided not to take any more chemo. My parents told him what a hard time she was having breathing and that she had pain on her side. He ran the tests last night. This morning they found out that the tumor in her lungs had grown substantially she has a blood clot in her lungs. Chemo is no longer an option. They have to make up their minds in the next couple days if they want to have hospital hospice or home hospice. I think they will go with home hospice. I just came back from visiting her. She is doing okay. As good as can be expected for someone that just got that news. We are all believing that God will heal her. God is bigger than cancer.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Great Weekend!

This past weekend was our fifth anniversary. We go to the Auto Show every year. This year it didn't start until the day after our anniversary. So on our anniversary we took our kids to see the new Veggie Tales movie. Lots of fun! Then Saturday we went to the Auto Show. We have went alone every year but this year we both thought it would be fun to take T, we took the girls too. I thought it would be a nightmare taking four kids to the Auto Show on the first day that it was open to the public. It turned out to be great, they were very good. They didn't wander and stayed in a good mood being as that we stayed for almost five hours. We stopped a couple times for snacks and that kept everyone happy. Sunday night my girlfriend Karen and her Hubby came over and watched the kids and let us go to a grown up movie. We saw 27 Dresses. We had a great time and a wonderful weekend. I am posting some pictures of the kids at the Auto Show. In every picture T wanted to kiss K. She was cracking up and maybe a tiny bit embarrassed as every passerby thought it was cute.
My Mom is doing okay. She is trying to decide if she wants to take the next round of chemo or pass on it. She is having a lot of trouble breathing, she can't even talk on the phone for a minute or two without asking me to hold on so she can catch her breath. Pray that God will guide her down the right path and that she is able to clearly know His will.
I will try to do better posting next week. Sorry about that I didn't realize it had been so long. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yet Another Update on Mom!

I just spoke with my Dad. He said that my Mom is going to come home tomorrow. They are going to do her next round of chemo next Wednesday as an out patient procedure. He said she is sore from having the port replaced two times within one week. She is also getting a shot to bring up her white blood count. That shot is causing her side to hurt. Other than that she is doing well. Eating better. Just tired. Please continue to pray for her and my Dad, he is very tired. Thank you all, Amber

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Antoher Update on Mom

Kaitlyne and I went to see her Granny tonight. She looked good. Since they took her off the morphine she is more alert and makes sense most of the time. It is causing some pain however. Tonight she was in a quite a bit of pain. She had me get her nurse to give her some pain medicine through her port. She took something that was not nearly as strong as morphine. She was nauseated so then her nurse went to get some nausea medicine. Kait and I left around that time, I didn't want her to see her Granny like that. She looked good but was in poor spirits. She found out tonight that she has to have her port replaced again, if they can't get a blood return. If not they will do the surgery in the morning. Apparently they are now going to let her come? Don't ask me what going on, I am just relaying the messages given to me! So having the port replaced means she can't come home in the morning. She will be able to come home tomorrow if she does well and alert after her surgery. My Dad and I appreciate all of your prayers, calls and e mails checking on her and offering to help and visit her. Love you all, Amber

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Mom!

Today my Mom had to have her port replaced. This has been the cause of a few of her panic attacks in the past. She was so worried about the portogram, a test to see why no blood will come out. Turned out the test was no big deal. Replacing the port went well. They replaced it with a double port. This way they can give her two things at once...chemo and nutrients or other things she needs. That was a really good part of the day. On the other hand she was not doing well. It is the worst I have seen her. It was truly heartbreaking. She was disoriented to the point of saying nothing you could make sense of. She mentioned some strange things that freaked me out. She doesn't want to take any pain medicine. She thinks if she doesn't she will be able to come home. What I don't think she realizes is that they are sending in hospital hospice to her soon. At this point I don't think she realized she was somewhere she didn't want to be. She is too much for my Dad to take care of, at home as she need around the clock care. She is in pain and knows to some degree she is not mentally with it. She is very frustrated with both things (and trying to hide she is in pain). Please pray for my Dad and myself and everyone giving her care. I am waiting on the virtue of healing to flow from the Father to her body.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Crazy Life!

Bell is in a dress up stage right now, she will prance around all day in her fairy or princess dresses! The other pic is one Chad took, although not perfect, it captures the very essence of Bell, that is "her" face, it goes along with an ooo sound when she is concerned about something. I love that girl.

I don't know about your life but my life is crazy. I love my crazy life, I love having four kids. I love being married. I love being a daughter. Sometimes though, my life runs me, I don't run my life. There are the things that are out of my control, that is where life running me comes into play. I have been so overwhelmed the last couple of weeks. My husband has had bronchitis, both K and T have had pneumonia, Bell has an upper respiratory infection and an inner ear infection and Hudsyn has bronchitis. The little girls can't seem to shake their ickys and have to go back tomorrow to be reevaluated. They are almost done with their meds but are still very sick. Bell is by nature the sweetest girl on planet Earth and she has done nothing but whine, mostly to be carried and sweet quiet Hudsyn has cried nearly nonstop. Add to that all my Mother is going through and I feel as though I am losing ground. She has been having some very bad days lately and I don't even know the person sitting across from me. She is very confused and easily agitated. The confusion is coming from the morphine, the agitation is coming from knowing she is not all together mentally and the frustration of not being able to do things for herself. She has lost mostly all of her independence. It is a very hard thing to see your mother deteriorate. I go through times where I cry hard, to the point of hyperventilating and then I go through times where it is so surreal that I think I am in a dream. I wait until everyone is in bed to sort out my feelings. It is usually hit or miss whether I cry or feel life as I know it is simply too surreal to believe. I can't wait until everyone in my life receives their healing. Until then I will hide under the shadow of Gods wings and cling to the hope I have in Him.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Pictures!

I haven't felt like posting much lately. I have been quite busy with addition of our sweet Hudsyn. Not to mention the kids have all been passing back and forth their sickness. I am going to post some Christmas pictures. The one is of the kitchen set they got for Christmas. The rest are just pictures of them in their Christmas outfits!
Blogger will not let me move around the pictures. So they are all over the place!