Monday, August 31, 2009

I know I haven't posted in forever. We have been really, really busy! Chad is still off work so we have been trying to enjoy the summer as a family (squeezed around physical therapy, doctor and hand surgeon appointments). Our summer is winding down and school is about to start. K will be in fifth grade and T is doing K again. Last year went well but our curriculum was very light but just right for him. He was somewhere between pre-k and K. This year our curriculum is much more intense. T and I are both looking forward to an exciting year. We moved all three of the girls into one room, we moved into K's room and are using our room as a school room. It is nearly ready, it just needs a few finishing touches. I have spent several hours looking over my instructors guides and I am beginning to feel more confident with the materials. Our curriculum is very literature intense. I think it is going to suit our family very well. We got all of K's school clothes and supplies about a month ago so she is all set. I'm getting ready to pull out the totes with all the kids fall pants and pajamas and put them in their drawers. That is about all that is going on over here. I will post soon about the new school year Both K and T will be starting next week. I would post pictures but blogger will not let me for some reason. As soon as I figure it I will post some, I have some really good ones! Until then if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.