Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pre-School and Other Fun Stuff!!!

In the truck on the way to T's first day of pre-school!
So Monday was Tristin's day of pre-school today was his second. Next week he will have a full week that means two and a half hours a day for four days. Lots of fun for him a small break for me! So far he thinks he likes it unless he changes his mind which happens every five minutes. Once he's there he loves it and runs right into the class without looking back. It is going to be great for him.
In other news I am still dilated to 3 and 70% effaced but now her head has moved down real low. As soon as my Dr. began the exam she could feel her head. So she was sure I would be in labor any day now, which seems to be going no where. If I don't go into labor she is going to induce me on Monday. I go in at 9:15 and we'll go from there! I am very excited, I am ready to meet Hudsyn! Chad is even more ready than I am, I have never seen anyone so excited.
I will try to post again soon!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Making Progress!!!!!!!!

I went for my ultrasound yesterday morning and much to my surprise found out Hudsyn had flipped on her own!!! Great news! I am so excited, my next appointment was this morning for my 36 week check. However, last night in the shower I was rinsing out my conditioner and slipped and took a little spill. So I had to call my husband home and my Mom over to watch the kids and head in to the hospital for monitoring. UUGGGHHHH.....I hate having to do that. But some good did come from it because when I had the dreaded vag exam I found out I was dilated to 3 and 70% effaced! Hooray! I have been having contractions for the last week or so but nothing real strong, just uncomfortable! I was shocked to find out because I have been induced the last two times and K took her sweet time. When I was talking to my nurse she suggested Castor Oil to help get stronger contractions started. I have the measurements and what to mix it with for the bad taste but I was wondering if some of you had any insight on this method. Anyhow I will keep you up to date our progress and let you know what I decide on the Castor Oil!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Third Grade

Today was the first of of third grade for K! She had a pretty good morning getting ready she got to wear her new Reebok's, they are bright green, blue and pink. She was so excited about them. She changed schools back to Summit from Allen Park. She only went to Allen Park for one year, it was very convenient because we lived across the street. However she did not learn very well there. The schools have a very different teaching style and she did so much better at Summit. I also love the community there. I have such a great peace about her being there. It is very good for our family, it is a free school but I would be willing to pay for the education they offer. When we got to school we waited out side in line and she saw old friends and I saw their parents who have became my friends. Then we went to the class and found her seat. We found her seat and realized we knew almost no one, (one person we would rather not know that we met at church. Very loud in your face type people). She started working on her packet and I kept noticing that the kids on the other side of the room were so much bigger than those on her side. They have two rooms together then they pull a divider when needed, each room has it's own teacher. So finally I went to verify that she was on the right side and sure enough she was sitting on the second grade side. We went and switched with the Kaitlynne in her seat who just so happened to be wearing the exact same outfit, and she was fine. She knew several of the kids and was sitting at a table of all girls, instead of the previous one with very rambunctious boys. I felt better leaving her there. Before we left for school she asked the one question I hadn't prepared to answer...Mommy, where do babies come from? You pray for them and God waits until you are ready and puts one in your belly! Shortly after she announced I can't believe I am in third grade before you know I'll be starting fourth grade. She is growing up so fast!