Saturday, December 13, 2008


As of yesterday it will be no more than nine weeks until we meet Jonsen. Since they are inducing at 39 weeks. With Hudsyn I only made it 38 weeks. No one can say when he will be here but he is coming soon. I am getting very excited. I can't wait to hold him and love on him. I missed quite a bit of Hudsyn's babyhood with my mom being sick. She started not doing well in January so my memories become quite foggy. After she passed in February I remember even less. I think I started coming out of the fog around May and remember her babyhood from about that point on. Tristin and I were laying in bed looking at the pictures on my laptop of the last year or so. I barely remember taking the pictures, which I know I did. I didn't realize then but that is how I see it now. It breaks my heart now. I remember trying to make sure that she didn't know. I still held her quite a bit of the time but for me I wasn't as smitten as I usually am. I am very excited to be moved and settled. Having five kids sounds like a lot and looks like a lot in a picture but it doesn't feel like that many. I am really starting to understand why people say that when you have a big family the older kids help with the younger ones. Kaitlynne is a toss up, she may help or she may cause the biggest arguments. Tristin is becoming quite the helper. He plays with Bell all day, they play all sorts of imagination games. He likes to make himself and the little girls PB&J's get their snacks and drinks. Get diapers and wipes. He tries to explain things to Bell and teach her what he is learning in school. Which she picks up on her own for the most part. We are really enjoying homeschooling. I am so glad that I went ahead and tried it. I was really afraid that it was going to be too much or I wouldn't be disciplined enough to do it. Turns out to be so much easier and more fun than I expected. I love spending the time with him and watching him learn new things. He learned to read his first book on Thursday. It was so exciting. I see how families that homeschool are so close. T and Bell have such a great bond. They enjoy each other company so much. It is such a blessing to see. I can't say enough how much I am enjoying homeschooling this year! So glad we went ahead with it. This post was all over the place but I figured I would put my thoughts into writing.


At December 18, 2008 at 1:13 AM , Blogger Julia Dutta said...

Hi A L,
Frankly, I am amazed at what I have just read. Its so re3al - having five kids and the truths that follow - the older ones look after the younger ones. In India, we are trying to bring down the number of kids to only two per couple. In the metros, it is becoming One child only, because both parents are working and don't have the time to manage too many kids. Also educating them would be expensive affair. However, it lightens up my heart to read your post and know - some people as young as 27, don't feel five is too many. Wow!

At December 18, 2008 at 2:48 PM , Blogger Trish said...

Wow! I can't believe the time has gone so fast. I know that you are excited...babies are God's gift... Masterpieces!

At December 19, 2008 at 6:52 PM , Blogger Kell said...

I can't wait to see him!

I don't think that five sounds like that many. I want a fourth one. Everyone thinks I'm crazy.


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